Chicken nuggets and chips ramen is now a thing


Chicken nuggets and chips ramen is now a thing
Behold (Picture: Cup Noodle/Metro)

Is there anything more loved than ramen?

(That was rhetorical, please don’t answer.)

Last year the world was gifted with ramen flavoured Pringles, and this year we’ve been blessed with chicken nuggets and chips flavoured ramen.

Doesn’t life often feel like a real merry-go-round of culinary delights?

Nissin – the makers of popular Japanese ramen brand, Cup Noodle – has just launched a chicken nuggets and French fries flavour.

As reported by Rocket News 24, the product dropped on 12 February and it’s part of their ‘Big’ range of noodle cups, which is larger than normal.

People are pretty excited about the launch, and are uploading pics of their cups on Instagram, because what is Instagram for if not to post photos of your food?

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Rocket News 24 taste-tasted the new product (great job) and describe it as ‘unusual, yet tempting’.

‘We peeled back the lid, and sitting atop the uncooked noodles were breaded chicken nuggets and chunks of peeled potatoes, along with egg and green onion slices, the latter two being standard parts of just about any Cup Noodle flavor,’ Casey Baseel writes.

But tell us about the nugs, hun.

‘The chicken nuggets are small in size,’ Baseel says. ‘But pack plenty of flavor with their spicy breading, and their meat is moist and tender all the way to the center.’

Well thank God for that.

Hopefully, these will be coming to a Japanese supermarket near you soon, otherwise we guess you’ll just have to hop on a plane.

Chicken nuggets and chips ramen is now a thing

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