Fiona Phillips opens up about being overwhelmed by battle with depression and menopause

EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO MERCHANDISING Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (9704448j) Fiona Phillips 'Lorraine' TV show, London, UK – 06 Jun 2018 FIONA PHILLIPS – I'M TURNING CONSUMER CHAMPION TO SAVE YOU CASH Fiona is presenting a new Channel Five show – Shop Smart Save Money – which helps people to spend their money wisely, and not to get ripped off! She will be talking about the new role. Fiona has also opened up candidly about her depression, and how it last hit her over Easter. She can also talk about her fear of loneliness and for her future, as both her parents died of Alzheimer's. Fiona used to share a dressing room with Lorraine, so there might be time for a few GMTV memories!

TV presenter Fiona Phillips has opened up about her struggle with depression and the menopause.

Speaking to breakfast TV host Lorraine Kelly on her namesake show on Wednesday mornings installment, she opened up about how overwhelmed she felt.

The 57-year-old spoke candidly about her mothers struggles with depression and how she felt that it can actually run in families.

My poor mum, when we were little, she used to lock herself in the room for a day in the dark because she was just so, so depressed. I think it can run in families as well, Fiona revealed.

Things happen to you… and the menopause, that is a horrible thing! I remember my mum in a real state with her menopause and I just thought, It cant be that bad surely – and yes, it can. Anxiety in all sorts of things that you might never had had before. Suddenly youre overwhelmed by things.

The former GMTV presenter also opened up about what it was like bringing up her two children, as well as caring for her parents who both suffered from Alzheimers. She admitted that it was necessary to have a stoic attitude when youre in that situation to ensure that the wheels keep on turning.

You have to [have a stoic attitude] dont you? Otherwise I would have had two parents with Alzheimers and be homeless because we wouldnt be able to afford the mortgage, the star admitted in the frank conversation with Lorraine.

Adding: All the time my emotions were torn – I should be with my kids, I should be with my parents… you know what its like. You have to have a house for your kids and food on the table.

Someone who also understands the struggle of the menopause is Lorraine herself. The presenter has been very vocal about her journey through the change, and previously admitted that she got to the stage where she felt no joy in her life.

I was getting a little bit narky and just not feeling myself. I spoke to you and you prescribed HRT which worked so well for me, Lorraine explained. Then last year Steve and I had gone to Spain for the weekend and everything was fantastic, my daughter was sailing through her exams, but I felt there was no joy in my life.

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