Corries Kym Marsh opens up about terrifying stalker ordeal

Kym Marsh on 'Lorraine' TV show, London 30 January 2018

Corrie actress Kym Marsh has candidly discussed her own experiences of stalking, after Christine Lampards alleged stalker faced trial for harrassing her.

The 41-year-old revealed in her OK! column that she really feels for Christine, having gone through some similar incidents herself.

She confessed, “I really feel for Christine – who Ive met when Ive appeared on Loose Women – and who is genuinely a lovely person. I hope shes all right.

Kym went on to admit that she and some of her fellow soap stars have also had a stalker, who would often send them hate mail.

She revealed, “Things like this happen all too frequently, like the time a man sent porn hate mail to me and a few other soap stars.

“He was sentenced and isnt allowed to contact any of us again. That was quite scary and nasty.”

The mum-of-three also revealed that she had her own stalker too – a man who was convinced he was chatting to her.

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Discussing the terrifying incident, she said, “I also had someone send flowers to my home address after he was convinced we were chatting. He was actually duped by someone else who was pretending to be me, so he thought he was talking to me.”

Kym has previously discussed the scary incidents whilst on This Morning, revealing that her stalkers also made accounts of her children – including her six-year-old daughter.

She told Holly and Phil, “Theyve made accounts of my children and more recently my six year old – which is the most disturbing thing. Ive had a few people make fake accounts of me on social media sites.”

Christine Lampard last week attended a hearing, where she claimed her alleged stalker Christof King, sent “disturbing” tweets to her. She also claimed that he once turned up at the home she shares with husband Frank Lampard.

Expectant mum Christine also revealed that she is not “too scared to go out alone”, following the ordeal.

Christof denies sending Christine the alarming social media messages.

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