Five burgers that are more about the bun than the beef


(Picture: Heliot Steak House)

Theres only so much creative fun you can have with a burger, right? Wrong.

National Burger Day is around the corner and chefs are breaking out their most innovative creations to impress picky millennial diners.

But these days, a quirky burger is less about the meat and more about whats holding it together – a.k.a. the bun.

Charcoal buns? Check.

Pink buns? So pretty.

Fried chicken buns? Yes, please.

The latest creation is what were affectionately calling the Durger, a luxurious burger made with the finest meat and held together by a sugary doughnut.

It initially launched at Reds True Barbecue, but the upgraded version has found a new home at Heliot Steak House just a few days ago.

And chefs arent running out of ideas yet, because the inverted cheeseburger-stuffed doughnut and the Donug – made with chicken nuggets – were simply not enough.

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So, here are five alternative buns to put around your burger.


Hardcore foodies who want want to tell their mates I tried it first, should go for this one, as its new in London.

And it was created by the worlds first Meatologist™, Ioannis Grammenos – which gives you automatic foodie cred.

The meat is 60-day dry-aged beef and stuffed between the savoury rings is spring onion coleslaw and wild mushrooms.

You also get a side of red wine sauce to pour over the durger and your sweet potato fries.

The treat will cost you £24.


(Picture: Bird)

Bird boasts itself as the creator of the original chicken and waffle burger.

Featuring crispy fried chicken topped with American cheese and drizzled with home-made BBQ sauce, hot sauce & Canadian maple syrup.

Expect a foodgasm.

And of course, its served between griddled waffles and you can add bacon to make it even juicier.

Will cost you £14.


(Picture: Lobster & Burger)

Yeah, the Lurger isnt a great nickname for a food dish, but were running with a theme here, OK?

Launched last week, the creation by Lobster & Burger was revealed as a pricier alternative to KFCs Double Down chicken burger.

Two lobster tails, smoky bacon, cheese and a glass of champagne on the side.

Obviously, because this is lobster, darling.

Yours for £47.90.

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Alternative burger buns
(Picture: Instagram / @Pimpmyramen)

Deep in Greenwich market, you can pimp your burger, Asian fusion style.

The ramen bun trend is fairly new, and in London, you can give the beautifully gross or delicious (depending on your feelings towards ramen) bun at the Pimp My Ramen food stand.

Fill it with pulled pork, teriyaki chicken, beef or the vegetables only.


(Picture: Joes Southern Table and Bar)

The aforementioned avocado burger is sticky, difficult to eat and as far from the original bread bun as you can get.

Though it does have sesame seeds sprinkled on the top and its made from avocado, every hipsters dream.

Sadly, however, the avurger disappeared as quickly as it appeared; it was originally sold at Joes Southern Table & Bar, which has now closed down.

But, you could just slice an avocado in half at home and revive an old trend: The DIY burger.

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