Please, Burger King, bring your fried halloumi burger to the UK


Burger King halloumi burger
(Picture: Burger King)

Veggies deserve delicious fast food, too.

And we deserve options. Not just one measly bean burger.

Its why we rejoiced at McDonalds launching a vegan burger, and why we are very excited to discover that Burger King has unveiled a halloumi burger.

But before we get too jazzed, please note that Burger Kings halloumi burger is only available in Sweden.

The halloumi burger is made up of deep-fried halloumi cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a dash of mayo in a soft bun.

It sounds glorious – especially as halloumi is a vegetarians life blood – which is why we must beg Burger King to please, please bring this burger to the UK. Veggies need it.

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Weve reached out to Burger King to find out if there are any plans to launch a halloumi burger in the UK, but we havent heard back yet. Clearly they dont understand how pressing an issue this truly is.

While we wait for them to answer our pleas, let us all take some joy in the increase of halloumi based treats in other high-street restaurants.

Nandos serves halloumi fries, as does Wetherspoon, and if you fancy keeping a stash at home you can pick up halloumi fries at Aldi, too.

If you want to get really DIY you can pick up a block of halloumi from most supermarkets, slice it up yourself, sling it in a burger bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, and tuck in. Easy.

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