Researchers want to pay you hundreds for eating avocados


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They said millennials couldnt afford houses because theyre too busy throwing their money away on avocados.

Well, the jokes on them (the naysayers) because now you can get paid just for eating the green stuff.

You might not be paid enough to save for a house but eating avocado for money beats doing it for free.

Researchers from a bunch of U.S universities are offering participants in a study $300 (£233) just to consume one avocado a day. Not bad, right?

Loma Linda University, Penn State University, Tufts University and the University of California are testing 1,000 volunteers to see if eating one whole avocado helps to lose weight.

The fruits tend to be high in monosaturated fats, which have been linked to a reduction in cholesterol and a lowered risk of cancer and heart disease.

Two groups will be tested – one will be eating one avocado a day while the control group will eat two or fewer per month during the same period – to see which group loses the most weight around their middles.

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The study will examine whether eating one avocado per day reduces visceral adipose fat in the abdomen, said Joan Sabaté, from the Center for Nutrition, Lifestyle and Disease Prevention at the Loma Linda University.

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The project requires that you are 25 or older, and are willing to either eat one avocado per day for six months or eat only two avocados per month for the same period.

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You also have to measure at least 40 inches around the waist if youre a man or measure at least 35 inches around the waist if youre female.

Selected participants will get a free MRI and health screening by a university clinician and will be asked to attend a monthly meeting with a dietician.

After the experiment, participants in both groups will be paid $300 (£233) each. And dont worry if you fall in the control group, youll still be sent home with 24 free avocados, so you wont be missing out.

Sign us up.

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