Unicorn Cornettos are the most Instagrammable ice creams around


(Picture: Instagram)

Unicorn themed Cornettos exist and they look magical.

Before you get your hopes up, we have to tell you that these are currently not available in the UK. We know, its so sad.

Theyre only available in Thailand. Were very jealous considering photos of the ice cream are all over Instagram and they look pretty amazing.

The Unicornettos come in blue and purple packaging with a rainbow unicorn on the front.

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It features the usual Cornetto cone with a strawberry filling, lilac and blue marshmallow and candy floss ice cream, and is topped with strawberry sauce and white, pink and orange chocolate balls.

The ice cream is an Instagram lovers dream.

But dont worry, you can get a similar version from Co Op.

Back in March, we wrote about the shops Rainbow Uni-Cones, which are ice cream-filled unicorn horns.

(Picture: Money Saver Online)

The wafer cone is black, and comes with vanilla and raspberry ice cream, and is topped with raspberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles.

The ice creams cost just £1.69 for a pack of four.

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We know, total bargain.

So, while were sad that the Unicornettos havent made their way over here – at least we have something to keep us going until they (hopefully) do.

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