Lisa Armstrong lists her divorce demands for Ant McPartlin after shes linked to a new man


Just last month Lisa Armstrong could barely come to terms with the fact she and her estranged husband Ant McPartlin were looking down the barrel of divorce.

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Now, Woman understands that, after a spiritual trip to LA – where Lisa Armstrong has been linked to a mystery man – the 41-year-old has accepted that Ant, 42, isnt the man she married. And shes ready to finalise the divorce.

Lisa Armstrong

Having been put through the ringer – what with Ants trip to rehab for his alcohol and prescription drug addiction in 2017, his drink-drive arrest in March and his new relationship with their former personal assistant – its no surprise that Lisa is feeling determined to fight for her future. So what exactly has given Lisa her spark back?

Ready to date again

After a tough few months Lisa is excited for the future again. According to an insider, its all thanks to a fleeting flirtation in LA.

“It wasnt much more than a my friend fancies you scenario, but it reminded Lisa what it feels like to be desired,” said our source. “Its been a while since shes felt that.”

But, having suffered heartbreak and betrayal at the hands of Ant, its no surprise Lisas feeling a little cautious about dating.

“After Ant, she was sure shed never fall in love again,” our source continues. “But now Lisa is telling friends she feels ready to date again. But, after all those months of uncertainty and upset, she wants to find someone whos honest and loving.”

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Moving on with her life

Although some say Lisas decision to wear her wedding ring to party with Strictly pals earlier this month is a sign she hasnt moved on, our source disagrees. “Wearing her ring serves as a message to Ant that he isnt out of the woods yet.”

Lisas finally ready to fight and, with Ant splashing out £12,000 a month on a plush new pad with his girlfriend, Anne-Marie Corbett, Lisa wont be settling for a penny less than she deserves.

Getting what she wants

Our source revealed that Lisa is looking at a 50-50 split of Ants estimated £30 million fortune. And, according to Bryan Scant, Associate Solicitor of Family Law at Coffin Mew, as the financially weaker spouse, thats not all shes entitled to.

“What Lisa might be looking for isnt uncommon given the circumstances. If shes the financially weaker spouse its not uncommon to request greater than 50% of the assets.”

He added that if a spouse has significantly higher earning potential in the future, the court will take it into consideration.

Lisa could be eligible for a stake on Ants future earnings for Im A Celeb… as well as a share of his production company, Mitre Television, which its thought she played an instrumental role in setting up. Our source added, “If she demands these things, theres a good chance shell get them.”

When your hair matches the fire exit door!! 😂😂😂 #purple x pic.twitter.com/gJtDHNLoEE

— Lisa Armstrong (@lisaAmakeup) August 19, 2018

Coming to terms with it

“Lisas realised Ants never going to be the same happy-go-lucky man he was,” explained our source. “Fame has taken its toll.”

Determined to keep her spirits high, the make-up artist is returning to Strictly and is in talks about releasing her own make-up line. Her friends have been a real support, including pal Stephen Mulhern.

“She isnt interested in future battles with Ant. She just wants to walk away after 12 years of marriage with her head held high, knowing it was worth it…”

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