You can now buy an advent calendar filled with beef jerky


This Beef Jerky Advent Calendar Is Proof That Christmas Miracles Are Real
(Picture: Man Crates)

Were no strangers to out-there advent calendars.

Take these gin, cheese and Pringles calendars, for example.

But now someones filled an advent calendar with meat – and itll set you back $79.99 (£62).

The O Holy Cow Advent Calendar comes filled to the brim with beef jerky. It comes from a company called Man Crates, and is filled with artisanal flavours ranging from classic to sriracha to root beer habanero.

With 12 flavours in total, it also features ghost pepper and chilli lime.

(Picture: Man Crates)

The product description features a story, titled The Twelve Flaves of Christmas.

It reads: Forget the french hens and geese a-layin. Nothing says “Mooey Christmas” like twelve festive flavors of jerky: Whiskey Maple, Chili Lime, Ghost Pepper, and more.

Theres no telling what seasonal surprise hell discover that day; the only guarantee is that it will be delicious.

Plus, hell get to proudly display our custom artwork, a seasonal celebration of A Christmas Carol as depicted by cows. Tis the season for seasoned meat!

This Beef Jerky Advent Calendar Is Proof That Christmas Miracles Are Real
(Picture: Man Crates)

The Jerky Advent Calendar is the ultimate carnivore, candied countdown celebrating 25 delicious December days.

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While the story refers to he – and the company the jerky calendar comes from is called Man Crates, this isnt a gendered gift.

So ladies, if beef jerky is your thing too, you can buy it here.

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