5 weird Christmas foods from around the world

5 weird Christmas foods from around the world
Not everyone will be tucking into a turkey come Christmas Day (Picture: Getty)

Christmas may have you licking your lips at the thought of roast and all the trimmings.

But not everyone around the world tucks into a turkey, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets.

Here are some of the more unusual Christmas foods from across the globe.

1. Fried worms, South Africa

5 weird Christmas foods from around the world
Perhaps a worm instead of a canapé? (Picture: Getty)

The ‘mopane caterpillar’ is an edible caterpillar and feeds predominately on the mopane leaf.

The harvest time of these little critters coincidentally coincides with Christmas and hence these grace plenty a Christmas plate in South Africa.

Fancy a crunchy worm with your gravy?

2. Roasted sheep head, Norway

Also known as Smalahove, this is quite a normal centrepiece for a Nordic Sunday dinner, especially right before Christmas.

The head is soaked and then dried and salted.

3. ‘Herring in a fur coat’, Russia

Today I'm going to tell you about one of the most popular and the most mysterious for foreigners Russian dish ???Dressed herring? or if you translated literally from Russian it would sound like "herring under fur"?? Yes… Right✌?in winter it's too cold in Russia and even herring wanna wear fur?✌?? ✌?Dressed herring is multilayered salad. The first layer is herring and others are boiled vegetables ✌?it's yummy and you must taste it when you r in Russia ✌?it's traditional New Year salad and you will find it almost in every family on this day ✌?it became popular in 1970s in the USSR when it was difficult to get food but herring and vegetables were affordable ✌?it's believed that Dressed herring appeared in 1918 soon after revolution in Russia and just few people know that this dish has political background? ✌?herring was a symbol of proletariat (it was widely spread among common people, affordable and popular food) ✌?vegetables (potato, onion and carrot) were a symbol of peasants ✌?and beet root was a symbol of red revolutionary standard ✌?this salad soon became very popular ?it was so yummy?, cheap and perfect snack for strong alcoholic drinks ✌?you must taste it?ask your local guide?show you the best places where you can do it Have you tasted any other Russian dishes? История селёдки под шубой С детства меня забавило название этого салата. Ну правда… Почему же все таки под шубой? А иностранцам я всегда объясняю шутя: в России зимой так холодно❄?что не только женщинам нужна тёплая шубка, но даже и селёдке ?✌? Интересно, что у этого популярного салата революционное прошлое, а название "шуба"- вовсе не одежда, а аббревиатура ✌?считается, что появилось это блюдо в 1918 г. ✌?однажды московский купец, хозяин нескольких популярных закусочных, решил, что нужно немного утихомирить своих клиентов, которые очень часто напивались, устраивали драки в его заведениях и били посуду ?? ✌?давно известно, что путь к сердцу мужчин лежит через желудок ❤?, но поскольку время было революционное, то купец решил придумать новое блюдо с политическим подтекстом. Продолжение в комментариях

A post shared by St.Petersburg Guide (@feel_russian) on

This is essentially a dressed herring salad, but the colloquial name is much more descriptive.

It’s a typically festive salad served in Russia and consists of herring, onion, boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs and beetroot.

The herring sits in the centre, covered in the ‘furry’ layer of vegetables.

4. KFC, Japan

5 weird Christmas foods from around the world
The Japanese go crazy for fried chicken at Christmas. (Picture: Getty)

Kentucky Fried Chicken in itself obviously isn’t that weird, but it’s an odd one for Christmas day.

In Japan they go crazy over Kentucky fried chicken and a staggering 3.6million Japanese families feast on KFC every year.

The KFC special Christmas Dinner even has to be ordered in advance in some Japanese chains.

This odd tradition came about because Japan hadn’t previously celebrated Christmas with a particular meal.

Some clever marketing allowed KFC to come in and fill the Christmas tradition void.

5. Dumplings, Poland

5 weird Christmas foods from around the world
There is even a pierogi dumpling festival in Poland! (Picture: Getty)

The pierogi dumplings originating in Poland definitely give all other dumplings a run for their money.

A traditional festive treat, pierogi are stuffed with anything and everything.

Cheese, meats, sauerkraut, mushrooms, meat or even fruit, and served with toppings like melted butter or fried onion.

These are a unusual festive offering, but not an unappealing one, in the scheme of things.

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