1 in 8 Russians going through sexual dry spell, survey finds

The sex lives of Russians have been revealed in a new online survey, showing that for some people at least, it can get quite lonely in the bitter north.

The results of the survey were published on Monday by the internet portal Mail.Ru, which grilled around 15,000 people for the most intimate details about their lives over the past year. The majority (over three-quarters) of those questioned by the portal were between 24 and 45 years old.

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A small number (5 percent) of respondents managed to squeeze in some hanky-panky each day, while 40 percent managed to do it at least once a week. Another 42 percent got some action at least once a month, suggesting the majority of Russians have an active sex life.

Although the year is not just over yet, spare a thought for the 13 percent, or around one in eight, who didn’t manage to get lucky for the whole of 2017.

That doesn’t mean that the roses start blooming once you’ve left the desert, however, as 36 percent reported they were unhappy with the quality of their sex lives, and more than half were unhappy with their number of bedroom romps.

Some 68 percent of respondents said they stayed monogamous throughout the entire year, while just over one in 10 changed partners at some point. Around 16 percent admitted they were cheating, but only 2 percent indulged in one-night-stands. Eight percent had three to five different sexual partners, while one in two hundred claimed they somehow managed to find time to sleep with over 50 different people.

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Two percent of people complained of having too much sex, though it’s not clear whether it’s those who had sex several times a day, those that did it with 50 different people, or (probably) both.

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