Student documents spectacular catalog of fails before she even gets to exam room

This is Ann Mark, a freshman at the UT Austin. And my — does she have a story for us today.

The first year student documented her complete and utter fail at taking a final exam. It’s an emotional roller coaster, so strap in.

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It all started when she made it to class with 15 minutes to spare and then realized she didn’t have a blue book.

‘For those of you who don’t know,’ she explains, ‘a blue book is apparently what you need to write a frickin’ essay. You have to buy special paper so the professor can read it, because apparently they’re illiterate whenever you write on note book paper — okay.’

So she sprints to the nearest store, grabs two blue books and dashes back to the class to take an exam in world cinema history (guess that’s a thing now).

Student documents spectacular catalog of fails before she even gets to exam room
Girl can’t catch a break (Picture: @annmarkk/Twitter)

She continues: ‘I’m sitting down in the front row, I text my friend who’s in the class. This girl’s like, “I’m in the third row”, and I turn around and she’s not in the third row.’

But then Ann takes a moment to look around the classroom. It dawns on her: she’s in the wrong place. A random girl confirms this.

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She texts her friend asking where the actual exam is. She bolts out of the classroom — smashing into a window.

Ann makes her way to what she thought was her exam room. That was wrong as well. She then consults Google Maps.

She said: ‘I type in “Hogg Building” and it says “four minute walk”. Well it better be a one-minute sprint because I’ve got 60 seconds left.

College can be challenging, but Ann, you’re clearly cut out for UT! Send me a direct message, and we’ll make sure you have enough Blue Books for the next four years. As for security video, I’m not sure what we can find…

— Greg Fenves (@gregfenves) December 17, 2017

‘So I sprint to Hogg Building, and I sit down, and I write an amazing essay, on how Napoleon Dynamite is a great example of an independent film in America. And then I apologized.’

Her adventures got the attention of Greg Fenves, UT Austin president and all-round big-dawg. He said he’ll be sending her some more blue books next year.

Keep slaying, Ann.

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