This Artist’s ’12 Days of Crustmas’ Series Celebrates Christmas With Pie

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Jessica Clark-Bojin (a.k.a. @thePieous) created a dozen pies paying homage to “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” ugly sweaters, and classic Christmas songs.

A designer, filmmaker and self-identified geek who loves sci-fi, video games and 80s movies, Jessica Clark-Bojin has gotten pretty famous for her pie crust odes to pop-culture. Featured on both The Chew and The Food Network, Clark-Bojin—also known as @thePieous to her Instagram fans—came to pie baking after making a New Year’s resolution to spend 12 months without sugar. Left with one massive sweet tooth, she turned to the warm dessert as a sugarless alternative. Already a hands-on creative, Clark-Bojin soon became interested in rolling her love of geek culture in with baking and looked to the internet for inspiration. What she found was… almost nothing. The artistry of pie baking was seemingly left in the Middle Ages, where “pies towered over the buffet tables of kings… many layers high in the shapes of swans and dragons,” Clark-Bojin told Food & Wine. Surprised by the lack of figurative pie making, she set out to create her own, documenting her work and generating “ins-pie-ration” for other foodies and geeks like her.

Passionate about her pop culture and pie-making, Clark-Bojin is also a holiday enthusiast. So with the biggest holiday season right around the corner, she’s momentarily stepped away from creating things like Star Wars pies and Calvin and Hobbes piescrapers to more traditionally honor the winter season. Combining her crusting talent with a personal love for Christmas the piemaker has produced “The 12 Days of Crustmas,” 12 pies that honor the creatures, decor, films and even music of the December holiday. By using techniques not normally applied to pie baking (yet still easily executed), Clark-Bojin’s 2017 holiday series lets anyone from a lone baker to an entire family re-create her crusts. All you need is an hour or four and a baking toolbelt complete with a pastry brush, precision knife, fondant scoring tool, pastry cutters, rulers and your fingers. If you’re feeling particularly festive in the kitchen this year, here is Clark-Bojin’s entire “The 12 Days of Crustmas” series for you to try.

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