Man accused of shooting toddler dead in road rage attack may plead insanity

Man accused of shooting toddler dead in road rage attack may plead insanity
Gary Eugene Holmes (Picture: Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office)

A man accused of killing a toddler in a road rage shooting in 2016 will explore an insanity defense.

Lawyer Ron Davis told a judge on Thursday that recent conversations with the Gary Eugene Holmes’s family have led him to believe a private doctor should examine 34-year-old.

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State doctors have found Holmes fit for trial, but said Holmes also has a history of psychiatric treatment.

Holmes is accused of killing three-year-old Acen Ahmeer King.

The boy was in the back seat of his grandmother’s car when someone fired a gun into the vehicle in southwest Little Rock.

His grandmother, sped off after the altercation and did not realize Acen had been shot until she arrived at a shopping center she was heading for around ten miles away.

She saw him slumped over in his seat.

In a 911 call, she can be heard screaming: ‘Acen has been shot! Of my God!’

Holmes was arrested after police traced the car involved back to his girlfriend. She told police she was in the vehicle at the time.

She said Holmes had pulled over to let a Dodge Charger pass, then confronted the driver when she stopped at traffic lights.

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She witnessed him fire the gun and claimed he said: ‘That’s what you get for following me around.’

A one-year-old child was also in the car, but was not harmed.

Holmes has told police that he wasn’t aware he was carrying a gun at the time.

He pleaded not guilty to preliminary charges at the time.

A trial is set for next month.

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