A Cadbury’s corner shop is coming where you don’t have to pay for any Dairy Milk chocolate

A Cadbury's corner shop is coming where you don't have to pay for any Dairy Milk chocolate
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One thing that makes chocolate taste even sweeter (besides caramel, honeycomb, and popping candy): Getting it for free.

While usually we have to wait for birthdays or Christmas – or Valentine’s Day, if you’re sneaky – to experience this joy, there’s now a special popup on the way to give us the gift of free chocolate whenever we want it… well, for a few days, anyway.

The Glass and a Half shop will be a Cadbury themed newsagents where everything’s purple and Cadbury themed: newspapers, household supplies, postcards.

There’ll only be one purple thing you’ll be able to buy, though, and that’s Dairy Milk chocolate bars. The other stuff’s just for display.

But here’s the exciting bit. When we say you’ll be able to ‘buy’ Dairy Milk bars, we don’t mean with money.

Instead you can swap any old bits of junk for a bar. Think old buttons, fridge magnets, keyrings. Whatever you fancy – just pop it on the counter and get a chocolate bar in return.

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The idea is part of Cadbury’s new campaign, which includes a very cute advert showing a little girl trying to buy a chocolate bar for her mum.

The shop will be open in Soho, London from 25 January to 28 January, from 10am to 6pm, with more than 10,000 chocolate bars to give away, so they shouldn’t run out before you can get your hands on one.

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After that the shop will pop up in Birmingham and Sheffield.

To keep up to date on important stuff like where, exactly, the shop will be located, it’s worth giving the Cadbury Facebook page a follow.

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