‘Matthew would be ‘horrified’: Davina treats herself to a ‘Botox touch up’ to mark her 50th birthday following recent split

After the recent news that she has split from husband Matthew, it looks as though Davina McCall is truly living life on her own terms.

The 50-year old mum-of-two has been throwing herself into her dedicated exercise regime, and being a mum to her three children, Chester, 11, Tilly, 14, and Holly, 16.

The presenting star also enjoyed a rather wild night out on the town recently, as a belated celebration for her 50th birthday in October. She was joined by the likes of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. And by her own admission, spent the night out “worshipping the DJs” !

But now, it’s reported that the super-fit mum of three has taken another step to treat herself, following a rough few months.

Allegedly, Davina has made the decision to have a few small injections of Botox, to mark the big birthday.

She’s always spoken about how confident she is in her appearance. And in the past, has confessed that she embraces getting older. But it’s reported that she’s now decided to ‘treat herself’, following her tough split from her husband of 17 years.

Reportedly, a source speaking to The Sun claimed, “She’s joked about getting a full facelift at 60…

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“For now she’s proud of the wrinkles she’s got, but with all the big changes in her life, she’s decided to treat herself with a little touch up.”

Whether the claim is true or not, Davina is sure to look fabulous either way!

However, the news interestingly comes years after Davina confessed that her ex-beau would be ‘horrified’ at the idea of her undergoing cosmetic surgery.

davina mccall

Speaking to woman&home back in 2015, she admitted, “Sometimes I do that thing of standing in front of the mirror pulling the skin on my face taut – and I look about ten years younger.

“I won’t be pious and say that I’ll never have cosmetic surgery. If I ever said to the kids and Mathew that I was going to have it they’d be absolutely horrified.”

Davina went on to joked, “So although it’s not on the immediate agenda…who knows? I might disappear to France for a shifty two week ‘holiday’ when I’m 60!”

We’re sure that whatever Davina decides, she’ll be looking as stunning as ever.

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