The Book Club is serving up espresso martini pancakes and we are all over it

The Book Club is serving up espresso martini pancakes and we are all over it
10/10 would consume (Picture: The Book Club)

We’ve made good progress through January now, lads, which can only mean one thing – Christmas is behind us and Easter is just around the corner.

You know what we have to get through before January, though? Lent.

And you know what marks the start of Lent? Shrove Tuesday.

Do you know what Shrove Tuesday means? Pancakes.

Those who observe Lent often make sacrifices and fast in the 40 days leading up to Easter, so pancakes were traditionally made as a ways of using up rich ingredients like milk, sugar and eggs that would not be needed over the fasting period.

Back in the day, pancakes were pretty plain – bit of sugar here, a squeeze of lemon there (shout out to my mum for giving us kale pancakes as a main on pancake day) but these days we get all sorts of toppings, like ice cream, peanut butter and cheese – you can even get rainbow pancakes!

We reckon this bar in London has hit the jackpot though, with their epic looking espresso martini pancake stack.

The Book Club's espresso martini pancake
That aerial view, though (Picture: The Book Club)

The Book Club in Shoreditch is making the dish for one day only, this February.

The dish comprises a stack of fluffy American pancakes sandwiched together with Kahlua cream, doused in a rich chocolate, espresso and vodka sauce, and finished with a topping of even more Kahlua cream.

It’s even got the cocktail’s classic three chocolate coffee beans as a garnish.

And it can be yours for £8.

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Prefer a savoury pancake? Get a load of their Okonomiyaki – a Japanese savoury pancake topped with crispy katsu chicken, bonito flakes, pickled ginger, seaweed, Japanese mayo and okonomiyaki Sauce (a spiced teriyaki ketchup).

This one can be yours for the sum of £8.50.

If you’d rather create your own pancake, then do not worry, for they’ll also have a DIY pancake station with sauces, spreads, fruit and sprinkles galore.

The Book Club chicken katsu savoury pancake
Chicken on a pancake (Picture: The Book Club)

The Book Club’s pancake party is taking place on Shrove Tuesday (13 February) between 9am – 10pm.

Which means you can have the espresso martini pancakes for breakfast. Just sayin’.

Find them at 100-106 Leonard St, London EC2A 4RH.

(PSA, you can also get the espresso martini pancake at the Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3JX, on pancake day.)

Don’t be surprised if you find us bathing in sprinkles at the DIY station.

What's the difference between this 'espresso martini' pancake and tiramisu?

Now, while I fall for every espresso martini gimmick under the sun (the heady mix of alcohol and caffeine really clouds my judgement) my editor has pointed out that this espresso martini creation looks and sounds very much like…tiramisu.

Coffee, cream, cake and liquor?

By golly, she’s right.

We’ve asked The Book Club to comment on this, and will update once they have. #InvestigativeJournalism

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