‘So proud’: Katie Price shares adorable video of Bunny as she reaches a BIG milestone

It’s been a pretty big week for Katie Price – not only has she managed to get her online bullying petition into Parliament but she’s also shared an adorable milestone moment with daughter Bunny.

The glamour model posted a video of her three-year-old on Thursday as they announced that Bunny had managed to stop needing nappies at night, prompting a cute reaction from the little girl.

In the footage Katie, 39, is heard asking a smiling Bunny, “Bunny, what have you done for three nights in a row?”

The toddler then explains with some prompting from her mum, “I didn’t wet the bed.”

So proud of Bunny completely out of nappies day and night now woo ??❤❤

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A thrilled Katie replies, “You didn’t wear a nappy and you didn’t wet the bed, did you? Do you know how clever you are? That means you are a big girl! What do you think?”

Bunny is clearly excited and shouts, “Yay!”

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Awww. Katie can’t hide how proud she is and tells her youngest child, “Mummy’s so happy and proud of you, you’re so good. Love you!”

“Love you!” Bunny answers back before they both blow each other a kiss. TOO cute!

Bunny bops ?

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Katie’s fans found it all seriously adorable and many praised the mum-of-five for her parenting skills.

“Aww she’s a wee star! Not easy to do as a mum with others kids needing attention too. Well done Katie too,” one commented, whilst another wrote, “Adorable and once again you show what a superb mother you are”.

One simply added, “Tooo cute”.

And a fellow admirer posted, “Gorgeous mum and daughter”.

Yes that’s right!! I am off to Parliament to make a difference to something I feel so passionately about ❤❤❤ @loosewomen

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It’s been a good week for Katie in her life as a mum as she revealed during Wednesday’s edition of Loose Women that the campaign she launched last year following online abuse of her 15-year-old son Harvey has made huge progress.

The TV star explained that the petition to make online bullying a criminal offence will now be discussed in Parliament, with Katie, her mum and Harvey set to make a trip to the Parliament Select Committee on 6 February.

“Hopefully Pricey here can change the law!” Katie told her fellow panellists.

Good luck, Katie!

From our sister site CelebsNow. Words by Anna Francis.

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