A ‘mid-life crisis’? Fans baffled by Richard Madeley’s head-turning new look

Richard Madeley has been turning heads, thanks to his brand-new look.

Attending daughter Chloe’s recent book launch, Richard, 61, was sporting noticeably blonder hair, new stubble, and a leather jacket and scarf combo – not to mention his glow, which looked like it could be the result of several spray tans.

While the presenter was all smiles, some commented that he was wearing ‘age-inappropriate gear’ and asked if he was having a midlife crisis.

But it’s no surprise Richard’s been keen to try out something new, after losing more than a stone last year.

He recently revealed, “I shattered my ulna [bones in the arm] in a fall on ice and was in so much pain for so long I lost my appetite. Brutal but effective.”

We wonder what Judy makes of her hubby’s new image…

Judy’s also been showing off a new look lately, after losing an incredible 2 stone. Daughter Chloe recently revealed the secret behind her mum’s dramatic weight loss.

Personal trainer Chloe appeared on Loose Women to chat all things health. And inevitably, the subject turned to Judy’s transformation.

She shared with the panel, “You learn as you grow up that your parents are adults too. They are stubborn.

“Dad’s always been quite naturally physically active, he’ll go for walks, he’ll bike ride, he hikes a lot in Cornwall. And mum just isn’t interested, she’s just not interested. “

“But I have to say, her diet now is amazing. Naturally, her palate has changed, she’s gotten really into sushi, raw fish, big multigrain salads and she’s dropped loads of weight just naturally from changing the old meat and potatoes to something healthier.”

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