Viewers SLAM Piers Morgan for this move during an interview with his ‘delightful’ wife

On Monday’s episode of Lorraine, the presenter welcomed an unexpected guest – Piers Morgan’s wife, Celia Walden.

The 42-year-old journalist rarely makes a public appearance – unlike her outspoken husband. But on the recent episode, she turned up to discuss her husband, and her recent work.

And while the interview kicked off smoothly enough, fans were quickly left outraged after Piers took it upon himself to crash the chat on the Lorraine sofa.

The presenter couldn’t resist joining his wife of seven years on the Lorraine sofa – much to her surprise!

But while Celia happily took her husband’s appearance in her stride, viewers seemed less than pleased by his abrupt intrusion.

While many praised Piers’ wife, calling her ‘lovely’ and ‘delightful’, plenty seemed outraged by Pier’s interruption.

One Twitter user wrote, ‘#PiersMorgan wife is utterly delightful!! She’s got the measure of him. What a lovely beautiful woman. Punching way above your weight there piers. #Lorraine‘

While another agreed, commenting, ‘Piers stealing the limelight from his wife now ?

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Another angry fan also said, ‘Only Piers Morgan would hijack his wife’s interview. Gerroff!! #Lorraine’, while another frustrated viewer angrily commented, ‘#gmb #lorraine Bloody Piers Morgan can’t even let his wife have an interview without butting in. What a prize k*** he is ?

However, while some viewers were left frustrated, others found themselves agreeing with some of Piers views, on the topic of feminism.

Piers stated his views, saying, “I think the word feminism has become toxic, and I think it’s because you have women like Kim Kardashian who are abusing what feminism is really about. It’s not about topless selfies. It’s actually about gender equality, equality in the workplace.”

He continued, admitting, “I’m surrounded by strong women.”

And many viewers confessed that they agreed. One wrote, ‘For the first time this is actually a rant from @piersmorgan that I agree with and support.’

While another said, ‘Wow, never thought i would agree with @piersmorgan but well said and I couldn’t agree more.’

A third viewer also commented, ‘never thought I’d agree with @piersmorgan but this hits the nail on the head. It’s actually removing choice from women, not increasing it which is surely a backward step?’

Though one fan did point out the irony of Piers’ views given his hijacking of Celia’s interview…

Piers Morgan identifies as a feminist and the promotion of gender equality, but couldn’t wait to commandeer his wife’s interview on #Lorraine to self-promote ?

What do you think of Piers’ views?

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