It’s all looking ship shape for Shetland engineering firm

A Shetland based engineering and boat building firm is looking to expand after receiving a substantial investment.

Thanks for support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Malakoff Ltd, who operates out of Lerwick, has already created six new jobs since opening a new facility earlier this year which was partly financed by HIE, writes Lewis Blythe.

The £120,000 grant from HIE will go towards staff training and development as the company looks to expand internationally.

The delighted team at Malakoff

Katrina Wiseman, head of business growth for HIE in Shetland, said: ‘Malakoff has in-depth experience of the design and construction of larger steel workboats and the early days of salmon farming in Scotland.

‘Investing in training and development at Malakoff will ensure there is a highly skilled, engaged and productive workforce, which is essential to the growth of the business.’

The company has over 100 years of experience in the boat building trade and is nearing completion on a new 14 metre vessel, the first of its kind.

Ryan Stevenson from Malakoff and HIE’s Katrina Wiseman at Malakoff’s Greenhead Facility in Lerwick, Shetland

Malakoff hopes this new model of boat will help attract new customers from Shetland and beyond.

Malakoff’s project manager Ryan Stevenson said: ‘This is an exciting expansion for the Malakoff and is keeping with the company’s heritage and experience. The new department will hopefully prove a useful asset to local boat operators and we hope that it will also generate more orders from outside of Shetland.

‘It has been essential to have the support of HIE in developing the new workshop and we are very grateful for their continued assistance.’

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