Peter Andre gushes about moment he fell in love with wife Emily- while she hints at baby no.3!

Peter Andre and his wife Emily are one of the cutest couples in the celebrity world.

The pair have been married for over two years now, and together for five- but Peter has only recently revealed the moment when he knew Emily was ‘The One’.

In an adorable new interview with OK! magazine, the couple did some reminiscing about their first few months together.

While they now share two children, Peter and Emily were keen to reflect on the early days of their relationship – confessing that their bond was ‘instant’.

But Peter admitted that it was on a trip to Zanibar that the realisation that he was falling for Emily hit him.

The pair had gone on a visit to Emily’s father’s Health Improvement Project there, where they grew close.

They then recalled a family dinner, where Peter remembers thinking that Emily was ‘The One’.

Emily said, “I remember it. It was the way he looked at me over the dinner table at my parents’ house. I looked awful! I was wearing old clothes.

“We weren’t even dating at this point. He kept looking at me and then looking down.”

Love you E…….. that’s all ?

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Peter went on to reveal, “That’s when I think she looks her best. That was the moment I looked at her and thought, wow, she really is beautiful.

“The moment I thought, ‘oh my God this is the one, in my heart’, was in Zanzibar in 2012.” Aww – so cute!

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Emily also confessed that the feeling was pretty much mutual, confessing that she can’t explain how it felt.

“It was love at first sight for me when I met Pete. It was instant. I couldn’t explain it. It was bizarre. We made eye contact and little did I know he was my future husband.’

What an adorable pair these two are!

During the interview, Emily and Peter also discussed the idea of having a third child – something doctor Emily had previously dismissed.

Great day with The two kids and Emily at the farm. Just great :))

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Just a week before, Peter had been quoted saying that Emily “won’t come near” him in bed – for fear of falling pregnant!

But now, Emily’s cleared up the rumours, confessing that a recent chat with another pregnant woman has left her considering the possibility of another bubba.

“It just brought back all these feelings for me, I worry it’s going to become more often now I’ve thought it once.

“So I’m not saying I’d have one right this second as I need to work, but I’m not ruling it out.”

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