Chicago Town is selling a new mac ‘n’ cheese pizza

Chicago Town is selling a new mac 'n' cheese pizza
(Picture: Chicago Town)

Chicago Town has just released two mini mac ‘n’ cheese pizzas, which come topped with bacon.

The deep dish pizzas come as a new limited edition addition to the range, and are currently on offer in selected stores.

According to Chicago Town, the Mac ‘N’ Cheese pizzas combine the classic Chicago Town Deep Dish crust with a mozzarella and cheddar-based mac ‘n’ cheese topping, which features bite-size pasta pieces and bacon bits.

‘Chicago Town’s new American-inspired pizza offers ultimate versatility and is the perfect meal solution whether it’s for a family dinner, quick lunch at work or tea time with the kids,’ the company says.

Chicago Town is selling a new mac 'n' cheese pizza
(Picture: Chicago Town)

The pizzas, which can be cooked in the microwave or in the oven, come as part of the deep dish range which features the likes of pepperoni and four cheese.

They’re available from all local supermarkets, but are currently on offer for just £1 in Tesco and Morrisons, until 18 February.

After that, they’ll go up to the standard price of £2.39.

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And don’t worry, you’ll have a while to get your hands on a packet. Despite them being limited edition, the pizzas will be sticking around until September later this year.

If you’re late to celebrate National Pizza Day, which took place on 9 February, we recommend heading over to your local Tesco to stock up.

Because every day should be National Pizza Day, amirite?

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