Oh dear, Cadbury has recalled those ridiculously hyped Caramilk bars

Cadbury has recalled those ridiculously hyped Caramilk bars
Plastic fantastic (Picture: Woolworths/Getty)

Just last week, Australians were clambering over each other to get a hold of the limited edition Cadbury Caramilk bars.

Cara-what now? They’re basically like a Caramac bar, with ‘a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate’ and they hadn’t been seen in Australia for decades.

Cadbury relaunched them on a limited run and Australians caused a right old ruckus, buying them up and selling them on eBay for 10 times the price.

Some of those greedy gannets may be regretting their decision now after Cadbury announced a recall for the bars, after discovering that some of the chocolate may contain…plastic.


Cadbury posted on their Facebook recalling 190g bars of Caramilk that have a best before date of 17 January, 2019 and 21 January, 2019 only.

‘A limited number of Cadbury Caramilk products have been found to contain small, flexible pieces of food grade plastic as a result of a machinery fault during the manufacturing process,’ the post says.

‘Cadbury Caramilk products containing plastic may cause minor injury if consumed,’ the post continues.

Our analysis of the samples received to date has determined that the product does not appear to pose a serious health or food safety risk, but a recall has been initiated to prevent the risk of minor injury.’

Wel thank God.

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The A$3 (£1.69) bars started appearing on eBay as soon as they hit supermarket shelves, with some going for A$30 (£16.98) each.

However, we imagine interest in those has waned rapidly, and we bet the people boasting about their Caramilk hauls aren’t feeling so smug now.

Is this karma for people being greedy geese and not sharing?

We don’t know, we just don’t know.

For now, if you happen to be a Caramilk-toting Australian, check your bar and take it back to point of purchase if it’s one of those affected. You don’t need a receipt.

For all UK dwellers, you might be interested in knowing that the company that owns Cadbury – Mondelez International – are currently hiring a bunch of chocolate tasters at their Reading office.

Enjoy picking plastic out of your teeth, friends.

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