Should you add squash before or after you pour in water?

Should you add squash before or after you pour in water?

What if you fell in love with someone, then found out they add squash to their glass after they’ve poured in the water?

Would you dump them immediately? Put up with their one flaw? Or rejoice, for you’ve finally found someone like you?

That’s the question one man asked on Reddit this week – and he’s received some, um, passionate reponses.

‘My girlfriend puts in the squash after the water and I don’t know how to feel,’ wrote aldershotsam386 in the British Problems subreddit.

He was immediately bombarded with orders to dump her, or at least try the tea test to check whether she also adds in the milk before she adds water.

The man’s girlfriend did have some allies, though, who like to add squash after water for reasons ranging from enjoying watching the swirling colours to finding it easier to get the right squash to water ratio by looking at the colour as they add squash.

On Twitter, the debate has been raging on for quite some time. People feel very strongly about adding squash after pouring in water.

Imagine putting your squash in after water

— Felix Deuchar (@felixtallforage) February 21, 2018

Pouring the squash in after the water is almost as tormenting as adding the milk before the tea…what on earth are you doing? Who are your guardians?

— Pammy (@Pammy_Cake) February 20, 2018

My dad just put the squash in after the water and I’ve never been more sure that I must be adopted

— cat ? (@cxatherinepxwel) February 11, 2018

I am a firm believer that squash goes in after water. If you do it the other way around you’re probably the kind of person who pours milk in the mug before the coffee.

— .Tris (@7R15) February 9, 2018

feels so wrong adding the squash after pouring the water

— ben (@ben_walkerr) February 7, 2018

So, is there an official answer on the ‘right’ order in which to combine liquids to make a glass of fruity water?

No. No, there is not.

On the packaging of Robinsons squash you’re simply instructed to ‘dilute 1 part concentrate with 4 parts water’. The brand does not specify the order in which to pour liquids into your glass.

Similarly, Tesco’s squash range advises: ‘Shake well and dilute to taste (one part squash to nine parts water).’ Sainsbury’s squash declares: ‘dilute 1 part with 9 parts water’, too.

So there’s no governing body of squash willing to tell us the ‘correct’ order to pour in squash. Which leaves us in a bit of a wild, unmanaged wasteland of squash-related confusion.

Should you add squash before or after you pour in water?
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Our advice is this: Go for whichever order makes you most comfortable. Each has benefits.

Pouring squash in first lets you see how much you’re adding in terms of volume, allowing you to fill your glass to a certain point. Then as the water sloshes in, it gets all mixed up for you.

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Adding squash after water allows you to adjust how much you’re adding based on the colour of your mixture. You also get the satisfaction of watching the colours mix together, which can be quite soothing.

Go forth with whichever method feels best to you. If anyone threatens to dump you as a result, firmly explain that no one is in the wrong. Or break up, because clearly you’re not going to work out.

Or just drink plain old water. Problem solved.

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