‘Evil’ Woman ‘robbed her own grandparents at gunpoint’

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'Evil' Woman 'robbed her own grandparents at gunpoint'
Robin Dumoulin, branded ‘absolutely’ evil by a judge after allegedly robbing her grandparents

A woman was branded ‘absolutely evil’ for allegedly robbing her own grandparents at gunpoint.

Robin Dumoulin, 20, was condemned by a judge after she reportedly targeted her elderly relatives while two accomplices stole cash, iPads and a cellphone.

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The shocking crime is said to have happened Tuesday, with Dumoulin’s vulnerable grandfather left injured after being shoved to the floor.

Her accomplices, Joshua Martin, 19, and Jamall Modley, 17, targeted the home in leafy Elmhurst, Detroit, while she waited outside in a getaway car, it is alleged.

They were caught after Dumoulin’s grandmother called police with a description of the attackers shortly after they fled.

'Evil' Woman 'robbed her own grandparents at gunpoint'
Dumoulin’s alleged accomplices Joshua Martin (left) and Jamall Mobley (right) (Fox2)

Soon after that, police stopped a car after spotting two men inside who matched Martin and Modley’s description.

It was then that Dumoulin’s identity was discovered, with Judge Donald Chisholm, who presided over her preliminary appearance branding the alleged crime ‘absolutely evil,’ according to Fox2.

Lt. Keith Spencer, who is dealing with the case said: ‘“It’s a horrible crime.

;You look at this young lady with these two young males — none of them had any prior criminal record,

‘To have a family member also implicated in that same incident, makes it even more terrifying for them.

'Evil' Woman 'robbed her own grandparents at gunpoint'
The 44th District Court in Royal Oak, Michigan, where Dumoulin made her first appearance Thursday (Google Maps)

‘When you take into account you have someone from your own family that is alleged to have participated in it, it’s a tragedy all around.’

All three alleged criminals were arrainged on six counts including armed robbery, which carries a maximum life sentence.

They also face counts of 1st degree home invasion, a 20 year-felony, and using a firearm to commit a crime.

Dumoulin was given a $400,000 cash bond, Martin $300,000 and Mobley $250,000.

All three face life in prison if convicted of the crime – even though the weapon they allegedly threatened their victims with was only a pellet gun.

The trio are back in the 44th District Court on March 9.

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