Inspiring women share their advice for success at the first ever ‘Don’t Tell Me I Can’t’ event

The ‘Don’t Tell Me I Can’t’ campaign saw four women given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on a week-long mentorship, working with the creators of their favourite websites and magazines.

Their mentorships culminated in a super glamorous event at in Manchester, where our talented mentees were able to raise a glass of champers to celebrate all they achieved – and also chat about the lessons they learnt from the experience.

Pam Lane, who lives in Lancashire, worked closely with the Woman team during her mentorship. Her advice to other women is to get out of your comfort zone.

“Here I am, five years later, doing things that I never imagined would be possible,” said Pam when reflecting on her mentorship. “I’m working at a magazine, well outside my comfort zone. So even at 55 – don’t tell me I can’t.”

Pam assisted with a variety of different departments, from health and fitness to celebrity gossip, and was even given the opportunity to star in a Woman’s Weekly fashion shoot, and even though she was “so nervous,” once she overcame her apprehension the experience was “great fun”.

The story behind Pam’s decision to enter the competition is an inspirational one. For six and a half years, Pam was on dialysis. But then, one month after her fiftieth birthday, everything changed. Thanks to a life-changing kidney transplant, her world was “wonderfully transformed” – and she vowed never to hold back when it comes to going after what she wants.

But she wan’t the only mentee who had some great advice following their involvement in the ‘Don’t tell me I can’t’ campaign.

Faith Archer, who completed a week-long mentorship at our sister site GoodToKnow, said that the most important advice she could give to other women following the event is to follow your passions. “Really think about what you love doing, what you’re passionate about and what you’re interested in doing,” she told us.

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Another ‘Don’t Tell Me I Can’t’ mentee, Bev Rewbury, who found out what it was like to work on woman&home‘s busy fashion desk, reinforced how important it is not to delay when it comes to going after your dreams.

“We’ve only got one life – it’s not a dress rehearsal.”

Bev now plans to open her own fashion styling business following her mentorship.

Congratulations to our super talented mentees – we can’t wait to see you making waves in the industry!

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