Silly rows and time apart: Inside Christine Bleakley’s marriage

They’ve been together for nine years, and Mr and Mrs Lampard are always the picture of love.

However, in recent weeks, Christine, 39, hasn’t held back on the ups and downs of life with her ex-footballer hubby. In fact, she’s opened up about the tougher parts of her marriage to Frank, 39, from silly spats to how they deal with time apart…

Loose Women’s Christine Lampard lifts the lid on her relationship…


Due to their conflicting work schedules, it’s no surprise Christine and Frank are often forced to spend days or weeks apart.

“We’ve been together for nearly nine years, and we have busy lives,” Christine says. “He’s away a lot and I’ll be away for the week doing the show [Loose Women].”

And it’s something that Frank has been equally candid about, confessing, “When we’re not together, we feel like we’re not in each others’ lives so much, and we question each other a bit more.”


Despite describing herself as non-confrontational and ‘generally not an arguer,’ presenter Christine is the first to admit that she and Frank do clash from time to time.

When asked what they often row about, Christine revealed what riles her, saying, “Just stupid stuff. He’s incapable of putting a plate in the dishwasher!”

She continued, “I’ll never come to terms with how he can’t do that.” But it sounds like Christine’s rants don’t go down too well with Frank.

Christine continued, “He just looks at me, it’s like I’m talking to a four-year-old.”


Ever since the couple tied the knot at a star-studded ceremony in 2015, they have been plagued with questions about when they will start a family of their own.

Christine explained, ‘You get asked a lot about kids, and it is the sort of question where you go, “I don’t know why anyone else is even remotely interested. We’ll see what happens, that’s how I see it,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Christine has opened up about the pressure other people have put on the couple.

Speaking last year, she said, “I am always being asked when I am going to have a baby. Everyone seems to be fascinated by my body clock.”

But for now, Christine says being step mum to Frank’s two daughters with ex-fiancée Elen Rives, Luna, 12, and Isla, 10, has been almost a ‘trial run.’

Opening up about her role in the girls’ lives, Christine confessed, “They know I’m their little mate. I don’t want to be their mummy. That was never even a thought.”


The Irish star confesses she has her own faults, which grate on dad-of-two Frank. Speaking about her very worst habit, Christine admitted, “My lack of planning. Thank God he is good at it, because nothing would get done if it was left to me.”

Adding that she’s sure “the list goes on,” the former One Show host said, “I am weird about cleanliness, and that does his head in.”


Despite their inevitable ups and downs, the couple plan to make the most of their time together with date nights.

Christine recently revealed that when they do get a few days to themselves, they make it all about them.

She said, “We get quite excited about going to the pub and having a giggle and keeping it simple. That’s the key.”

And with both Christine and Frank recently confessing they fancy each other more and more as time goes by, it seems to be working wonders. 

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