Woman jailed for removing her obligatory headscarf in Iran

Nicole Morley

Woman jailed for removing her obligatory headscarf in Iran
The woman has been jailed for two years (Picture: Twitter/Arminnavabi)

A woman who removed her headscarf to protest Iran’s obligatory headscarf has been jailed.

The activist, who has not been named took off her headscarf in public in late December, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment.

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Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi as saying the woman took off her headscarf in Tehran’s Enghelab Street to ‘encourage corruption through the removal of the hijab in public’.

In February, police detained at least 29 women who removed their headscarves as part of an anti-hijab campaign known as White Wednesdays.

The police say the campaign, advocated by Farsi-language satellite TV networks based abroad, purportedly encourages women participants to take their white headscarves off on Wednesdays.

Women showing their hair in public in Iran are usually sentenced to far shorter terms of two months or less, and fined 25 dollars.

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