Davina McCall rescued a stranger during the storm – and their reaction was brilliant!

Imagine being stuck out walking in a snow blizzard when TV presenter and fitness fanatic Davina McCall pulls up and offers you a lift.

Well that’s what happened to one woman during last week’s Beast from the East hit the UK, but Davina has revealed the strangers reaction wasn’t what she was expecting…

Speaking about the act of kindness Davina recalled: “I picked someone up in the car the other day. It was snowing and she looked cold, so I said, ‘Do you want a lift?’ And she said, ‘Yes please!’ She jumps in and then looked at me, we were chatting away and then she goes, ‘You’re my fitness lady!’ And I thought, isn’t that great? She doesn’t know me from the telly, she knows me from fitness. It felt good.”

Earlier this year Davina released her 15th fitness DVD which is packed with 10-minute workouts for fat-burning and toning up and obviously she’s recognised more now for wearing lycra than for presenting her former shows like Celebrity Big Brother.

Meanwhile Davina praised her daughters to mark International Woman’s Day, she uploaded the post to her Instagram which said, “Happy International Women’s Day. To all the women who inspire me every day. My two fantastic daughters…you have taught me so much. The future is yours!”

Davina has her daughters, and son Chester, 13, with her estranged husband Matthew Robertson.

But not forgetting some other important figures in her life, Davina also shared a series of photographs of her with her best friend, step-mum and her grandmother. She continued: “To Sarah… my best friend for more than 30 years…thank you, and Gaby my amazing step mum for guidance and love and Pippy my granny who gave me a great start to life, and I don’t know where I’d be now if it weren’t for that. To all the trailblazing women out there … keep doing what your doing … and to all men … shoulder to shoulder we stand.”

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