10 ways to achieve sustainable cleanliness in your home

Harsh and synthetic chemicals are fast becoming a thing of the past. Here Sophie Henderson lists sustainable ways to switch up your daily habits whilst still maintaining a fresh and clean space.

For the ecologically conscious among us, sustainability has the power to influence all aspects of daily living. That being said, routine jobs such as cleaning are often overlooked. But, minimising your environmental impact has never been so crucial – and so easy.

Start off by detoxing your essentials

Head of sustainability at eco-friendly cleaning brand method Saskia Van Gendt suggests going on a product diet: “scrutinise your cleaning product labels the way you would food labels – you might be surprised by some of the ingredients and small print you see.”

So fill your cleaning cupboard with non-toxic, biodegradable products because chemical residue can absorb into the skin when touched, and can cause in-home air pollution so opting for plant-based formulations is good for you and the planet.

Or… make your own

Natural cleaning is the most sustainable option. Ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, lemons, essential oils, salt and white wine vinegar are all natural and readily available.

A small amount can go a long way

Leave your multi-surface spray for a couple of minutes before wiping it away to maximise its cleaning abilities and reduce the amount youre using in the process. Ensure the surface is covered in a fine layer and then scrub away.

Switch to a reusable microfibre cloth

A reusable microfibre cloth helps prevent unnecessary waste. Machine-washable and efficient, it can be used to keep your home polished and will replace throwaway cleaning wipes.

Opt for natural fragrances

Scented houseplants are a great way to clean the air, and they give-off natural and relaxing smells.

Avoid coloured plastics

Bottles made from coloured plastic cannot be recycled easily so always check the label for the recycling symbol and use non-toxic cleaning products made from transparent or recycled plastic, like method.

Deter dust mites

We shed enough skin each day to feed one million dust mites so ensure to vacuum your mattress (we recommend the Vorwerk PB440 electronic upholstery brush with mattress cleaning set), bed and headboard. Cleaning little and often will help to keep your space clean and cosy.

Go cruelty- free

Look for the leaping bunny logo to put your mind at rest.

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