Id be in tears: Alex Jones opens up about struggling with pressure to breastfeed

Alex Jones on 'Lorraine' TV show, London 5 April 2018

Alex Jones has candidly opened up about how she struggled to breastfeed her baby son and feels theres too much “pressure” put on women to do it.

The One Show presenter – who welcomed little Ted with husband Charlie Thomson in January 2017 – revealed during a chat with Christine Lampard on ITVs Lorraine that she found trying to feed the tot so painful that shed often end up crying.

“Every mother will do what they think is best,” Alex, 41, explained on Thursdays show.

“I think theres too much pressure on women to breastfeed. Of course we know its the best thing for the baby, and most of us will give it our best go.

“It was painful, it was so painful. I remember sitting there with mum and Id be in tears. It was so painful, and of course, nobody tells you that beforehand.”

Alex admitted that things became so bad that Charlie went out to get a bottle of formula and said to her: “Youre trying your best, but we need to feed Ted.”

Eventually things got better but the mum-of-one thinks there should be more openness about the difficulties of breastfeeding.

“If that conversation was a bit more out in the open, women would be going into it with their eyes open, and therefore a lot more prepared,” Alex told Christine.

The TV star has recently written a book about her parenting experiences and admits shes been very honest about all of the ups and downs involved, having confessed that she even came “close to depression” at certain points.

“Parenthood is joyous and incredible but sometimes it is hard and difficult, sometimes you dont want to be a parent,” she admitted. “It is a rollercoaster.”

Alexs honesty was praised by many Lorraine viewers, with one commenting on social media: “I struggled with breastfeeding too and then felt guilty that I couldnt master it. Thanks for being so honest in your interview. It makes new mothers realise that they are not alone”

Another wrote: “I really enjoyed your interview and how candidly you spoke about the struggle that is breastfeeding. I experienced the same with both my babies”

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