The 10 best sustainable homeware buys for style and substance

Conscious consumer demand for sustainable and ethically-sourced products isnt showing any signs of slowing down – and for good reason too. Here Delphine Chui lists some of her favourite ethically conscious pieces

“A sustainable home doesnt mean you have to compensate on style,” creative brand director at Lucy Ward assures us.

“There has been a really positive trend towards sustainability with more brands opting for recycled, eco-friendly materials. From upcycled or recycled rugs, to hand-crafted wicker baskets and woven throws. As well as home accessories, opt for ethically on-trend and innovative lighting designs produced using natural oak plywood from sustainable European forests. What better way to decorate your home than with cleverly sourced products that not only have a positive impact on your own space, but on the environment too?”

While The Basket Room founders reassure us that theres no need for anything we put in our homes “to be at the expense of natural resources or the compromise of future generations being able to meet their own needs. You can help to keep traditional craft skills alive by buying from smaller producers, making your home beautiful, natural and eco-friendly.”

Theres never been a better reason to support independent artisans, purchase an up-cycled item and check the brands you love are behaving responsibly in their supply chains.

1. Armchair

This Pad Lifestyle Bloomingville Calm Chair (£790) is upholstered in 100% recycled cotton.

2. Natural ceiling shades

These Habitat lamp shades, including the Elmley rattan ceiling shade (middle shade, £90), were all handmade by artisans in Vietnam from spun bamboo and rattan which are both fast growing.

3. Fine weave baskets

These Basket Room fine weave baskets (from £17) are all made from natural materials derived from wild and cultivated plants grown locally to the weaving cooperatives in rural African communities. And, many of the dye products are taken from the soil, leaves, chimney soot and crushed charcoal. The actual skill of weaving is passed down through the female bloodline from Grandmother to Granddaughter.

4. Striped cotton rug

This H&M Conscious Striped cotton rug (£29.99) is woven from recycled cotton and is part of the brands move towards a more sustainable future. And by 2020, H&M are aiming for all their cotton to be sustainably sourced.

5. Maik Marble tray

Maik marble tray (£44) is made from sustainably sourced birch. The birch serving trays are made in a small family run factory on an island, east of Sweden with wood sourced from suppliers that cultivate forests responsibly.

6. Leading ladies furniture

Oliver Bonas Leading ladies furniture collection (from £72) is handcrafted in India with mango wood which is is an incredibly sustainable alternative to more common woods such as Oak or Maple as they can grow to 100ft in 20 years. Historically, these trees would be left to rot after it stopped bearing fruit which contributed to CO2 emissions as the wood broke down. So, using mango wood to make furniture isnt only sustainable but it brings the mango farmers an extra source of income.

7. Glen blanket stitched lambswool throw

This Johnsons of Elgin throw (£215) is made up of upcycled excess wool stock from Scottish mills that would otherwise go to waste. And, their wool supplier have a record for social responsibility towards their animals.

8. Tasselled wall hanging

This One Nine Eight Five Barcelona Wall Hanging (£165) is made using leftover fabric as part of a tassel campaign to see no fabric, like cotton velvet, go to waste.

9. Ash Basin

This Indigenous ash basins (from £500) comes from a renewable harvest and Indigenous, as a brand, tend to source designs from salvaged and reclaimed timber so youll find furniture made from driftwood or recycled fallen branches.

10. Block print cushion covers

These Signature Cushion Covers (£40) from Claribel London are responsibly handcrafted by Peruvian artisans. Their soft metallic print is sourced from 100% pure cotton so theyre beautiful and fairtrade.

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