Its not sexist! Holly Willoughby confesses she feels empowered by starring on Celebrity Juice

Holly Willoughby has revealed that Celebrity Juice makes her feel empowered following claims the programme is sexist.

The 37-year-old has been a team captain on the outrageous ITV2 panel show alongside BFF Fearne Cotton since it first aired back in 2008.

But with cheeky host Keith Lemon referring to the This Morning star host as Holly Willoughbooby and the ladies taking part in some very rude games, the programme has raised a fair few eyebrows with viewers.

Following the criticism, mum-of-three Holly has now defended her position on the panel, saying she actually feels empowered when filming.

“Its really good fun, and Im with Fearne and Leigh [Keith Lemon] and Gino [DAcampo], and we have a really good time”, the telly presenter said in an interview with The Guardian.

“Yes, hes cheeky, and yes, hes naughty, but hes actually the butt of our jokes. Its us that are the empowered two.”

Addressing claims it could be seen as sexist by some fans, Holly added: “I know what youre going to ask. Sexist. Its a good opportunity to say – no. Because I think we are so in control and so in charge of that situation. Its light, its cheeky, its not offensive.

“Occasionally [Francis] can say the odd thing, and even he goes, oooh. But its quite a unique show, actually. There are not many shows that have that sense of freedom.”

In the candid interview, Holly also opened up about changing her personality to become more professional when shes on This Morning compared to her naught behaviour on Celebrity Juice.

“Its whats going on around me thats different,” she said. “I dont suddenly become all outrageous and rude on Celebrity Juice.”

It comes after Holly shocked Celebrity Juice viewers last week when she came out with some very explicit answers during a particularly saucy game.

During a segment called the Five Second Fool, she had to sit in a spinning chair whilst responding to Keiths cheeky questions.

Holly had to give three answers within five seconds to each question and things took a very x-rated turn when Keith asked: “Three things you wouldnt put in your anus?”

To which Holly fired back: “Your kn*b, a butt plug, and a carrot!” Eeeek!

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