Meghan Markles secret letter to Prince Charles

The countdown to a wedding is a tense time for any bride, but for Meghan Markle – who is set to wed Prince Harry in less than two weeks – the pressure is really on. With the world watching, Meghan is keen to make a real statement on their big day and has a plan in place to do so…

Meghan Markle


Meghan wants to utilise the weddings worldwide platform to share a message about her role within the royal household. An insider exclusively tells Woman, She wants to show that shes still her own woman.

Like Diana, the 36-year-old is passionate about humanitarian work, so demonstrating female empowerment is high on her agenda. Meghan has turned down offers from designers and will instead pay for her own wedding dress – which will be pure white, not off-white like most other brides, our insider explains.

Shell also have four hairdressers at the wedding to ensure 
she looks picture perfect and Meghan has bought each of her bridesmaids 
a personalised pendant, which cost £20,000 each.


Prince Harrys mother, Diana, will be absent on the big day, so Meghan is keen to pay tribute to him on her behalf by breaking royal protocol and making a brides speech.

Meghan has also organised a joke present 
to be sent to Harry on the morning of the wedding. He will receive a video, just for his eyes only, of her singing a special song they did at a karaoke bar when they first met, our insider says. Its a real testament to their shared sense of humour.

Not only is Meghans gutsiness reminiscent of Harrys late mother, who hes convinced shed have been as thick 
as thieves with, its also a sure sign Meghan wants to be seen as a strong woman in the royal household.

Our source explains that, like Diana, Meghan has no intentions of just quietly fulfilling her duties and staying out of the spotlight.
In another move to 
make Harrys loved ones feel her presence, Meghan has penned a touching private letter to Prince Charles, which hell receive at a special wedding breakfast for the men.


Despite all the excitement and anticipation, the weeks leading up to the wedding will no doubt be tinged with sadness as Meghan faces up to the fact that, no matter how hard she tries to hold on to her independence, her life will never be the same after she marries into The Firm.

And, one of the first things shes having to come to terms with is her shrinking circle of trusted friends. Meghan was always a real socialite who loved to party and let her hair down, but she realises now that she has to cut down the number of people who have access to her life, the source tells Woman. Her final hen party before the wedding is going to be a very small affair with only four of her really trusted friends.

But, its a sacrifice shes willing to make.

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