Everything you need to know about Our Girl series 3

It feels like not that long ago, we were sat in front of our TVs in shock, as we watched Elvis die right in front of beau Georgie Lane, in the season three mid-season episode of Our Girl.

The hit BBC show aired its mid-season finale back in November, to a heartbreaking end.

And now, the third season is set to resume – much soon than we thought! On Tuesday 5th June, Michelle Keegan will return as Georgie in the tense military drama. Yay!

So what is Our Girl series three about?

We rejoin George she heads to Nigeria on a training mission, after the devastating loss of Elvis. She and her team are sent to help train local forces in the battle again terrorist organisation.

The description reads, “Still grieving and heartbroken from the death of Elvis Harte (Luke Pasqualino), Lance Corporal Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) is sent to Nigeria on a training mission, alongside 2-section.

“Working as part of the British Armys effort to help train local forces in the fight against terror, Georgie throws herself into work helping to train local medics, as well as overseeing a local womens health initiative.

But of course, things dont all go that smoothly. After encountering a scary local crime boss, Georgie heads off on an unrecorded mission, to rescue some abducted school girls.

BBC have said, “However, whilst 2-section work hard helping to equip the Nigerian Army, everyone is soon put on edge when they encounter a local crime boss and a seemingly ruthless band of mercenaries in the village near where a group of school girls have been abducted.

“As 2-section try to help the Nigerian forces locate the missing schoolgirls, Georgie unknowingly places herself and other members of 2-section in grave danger, when they go off grid.”

Oooh – we cant wait to see what happens…

Which cast members are returning for Our Girl series 3?

Of course, Luke Pasqualino will not be returning to the show for season 3, as his character was tragically killed in season two. But it seems a hunky replacement will be sent to replace Elvis, in the form of a man named Bones. The actor playing Bones has not yet been announced.

Michelle Keegan will of course be back to reprise her role as the lead character. And its thought that many of her army colleagues will be joining her – including Rab and Maisie, her 2 Section regulars.

How many episodes will Our Girl series 3 be on for?

As viewers may remember, season three of the drama is playing out a little differently to normal series. Viewers have witnessed the series in two parts, the first of which aired last year.

This upcoming block of episodes are the final episodes of season 3. There will be four episodes in this section.

What did Michelle Keegan think of filming Our Girl series 3 in South Africa?

Its well known that the popular series airs on location in foreign countries. These batch of episodes were actually filmed in South Africa over almost a year. And its a feat that star Michelle has admitted was pretty challenging, being away for such a long time.

Shes previously said, “The first month in South Africa, I struggled because youre trying to find your feet. You push yourself. I did eight months away – six-day weeks, and 14-hour days, working on top of a garbage heap. I did it!

“It was the sense of missing out – my dogs, a birthday, a family meal or my best friend having a baby. I didnt think Id be able to do it. Its given me the drive and push.”

Yes Michelle!

Our Girl will start again on BBC One on Tuesday 5th June at 9pm.

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