Phillip Schofield admits he loves getting drunk with Holly Willoughby

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are no strangers to having a giggle on This Morning and it sounds like they have a ball off screen too.

In fact that presenting duo enjoy nothing more than getting drunk together and setting the world to rights, Phillip has confessed.

“We see each other socially quite a lot,” the 56-year-old says. “Occasionally well do lunch, where well forget about telly and talk about life.

“We blow off steam occasionally, find somewhere that does nice margaritas and get proper s***faced!”

Phillip and Holly, 37, famously turned up to host the show a little worse for wear in 2016 after staying out all night to celebrate This Morning winning a National Television Award.

But Phil insists that this is something that happens very rarely as he doesnt think its very professional.

“Those sort of incidents have to be very few and far between,” the dad-of-two tells Heat magazine. “You cannot pull something like that on a regular basis, its unprofessional.

“I think Ive done the show hungover twice on a Monday morning!”

Phillip says Holly is like “younger sister he never had” and has reaffirmed that he would leave This Morning if his co-star ever decided to bow out.

“Oh, weve both said it publicly – if one or other of us went, the other would probably go, too,” he explains.

As well as having a laugh with Holly, Phil is also a bit of a joker on social media and caused a stir when he appeared to accidentally flash his bum whilst filming a video in the shower last month.

However, hes now claimed that he actually intended to give his followers an eyeful.

“We were on holiday in a beautiful villa by the sea, and the shower was out over the water,” says Phillip. “My daughter Ruby had put on Instagram, The fishes can see me nakey – which I thought was quite funny.

“And I was having a shower, and I looked around, and I thought, actually, Im reflected in the window here, and immediately thought, theres a Snapchat there.

“So, I took a video of the water and purposefully caught my bum in the shot. I took it to my wife Steph and she thought it was funny enough to post.

“The next day, headlines said, Phillip Schofield accidentally shows his bum! That video was analysed so much before I posted it!”

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