A gin with ZERO calories has been invented – heres where you can try it

Lets be honest – we all love a cheeky tipple every now and then.

But while its a fun way to wind down at the end of the week (or day), were all well aware that a bit too much booze can easily make you pack on the pounds.

So if youre a fan of a gin and tonic after a hectic few days, youll be DELIGHTED to hear about this brand new invention that makes gin-based boozing almost calorie-free. Yep, we said it!

But there is one slight catch. To tie in with World Gin Day (Best. day. ever), gin range Whitley Neill have forumlated a zero calorie gin. However, its not quite gin as you know it – but a gin mist!

The gin mist can be sucked up throw a straw from a continous stream, coming from mechnical orbs – so while its not exactly the same as a glass of the stuff, it is calorie free, so were not complaining!

So which flavours will be available? The original, south-African inspired Whitley Neill Gin, made with super fruits baobab and cape gooseberry, will be coming in the mist form, as will a new rhubarb and ginger, and their raspberry gin.

Adam Georgiou, brand manager, Whitley Neill, says, “Whitley Neill Gin leads the way when it comes to ginnovation and the orbs create a way for people to try the different flavours in its purest form – with an intense cloud of floating inhalable mist.”

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Where can you find these new-fangled gins then?

Sadly, for now, it seems only those who can get to the capital on World Gin Day (Saturday 9th June) can try them out. Between 5pm and 10pm on that day, the Whitley Neill Handcrafted London Dry Gin Orb can be found at The Grafton pub, in Grafton Way.

However, if you fancy the Whitley Neill Raspberry gin, head to the London Cocktail Club on Goodge Street. The Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Orb can be found at Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen, Rathbone Place.

But fear not! If you cant make it, Whitley Neill have said that the mist will be rolled out across the UK, if it proves a success in London. Yay!

Until then, you can purchase Whitley Neill gin at Morrisons, for £26. Because we would never say no to a glass of gin, either way…

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