Humiliated Lisa Armstrong: My heart is broken

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As Ant moves on with her friend, Lisa admits that shes heartbroken…

After 23 years together – 11 of those as husband and wife – Ant McPartlin has made it very clear theres no going back for him and Lisa Armstrong. In the latest, devastating blow to his wife, Ant has been romantically linked to his PA, Anne-Marie Corbett.

In a series of tweets, Lisa, 41, accused 42-year-old Ant of not even having the decency to tell her hed moved on. Taking to Twitter as the story broke, make-up artist Lisa responded to fans good wishes and claimed shed found out just how you guys did.

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When Celebrity BB star Nicola McLean tweeted, Double blow, Im so sorry I hope youve got some real friends to lean on xx, Lisa replied, Thanks babe and to think she was MY friend!! xx, followed by two heartbroken emojis.

The news comes just weeks 
after Woman revealed how Lisa was hoping to wipe the slate clean following Ants arrest for drink-driving and subsequent stint in rehab for alcohol addiction.

Over the past few months, Lisa has been sending a defiant message by wearing her wedding ring, despite the split. Earlier this month, she was pictured with the ring firmly in place and our source says she was hopeful that the marriage could be saved.

Now it looks like any hope 
of the childhood sweethearts starting over has been dashed.


As if watching the man you love move on so publicly wasnt hard enough, its a double blow for Lisa as she watches her friend become romantically involved with her estranged husband – a bitter pill for anyone.

Its thought that Ant and his assistant, Anne-Marie, grew close during his recent personal struggles, as an oblivious Lisa told friends how she hoped to work things out with him.

A source tells Woman, “She was very hopeful for a reconciliation, which is why she didnt want to be part of the initial statement announcing their split.”

Ants decision to go public with a statement in January – without Lisas input – was perhaps the first indication that he was the driving force behind the separation and expected divorce.

Staying loyal

Despite everything Ants put Lisa through, for the most part shes remained incredibly loyal to him and our insider says Lisa still cares for Ant, who is, for now, still her husband.

Following Ants court appearance for drink-driving, during which he was fined £86,000, Lisa took to social media to respond to fans. She liked tweets including one that read, Thinking of you today, and another that said, Sending you lots of love and hugs, thinking that you could probably do with them today #staystrong.

Our source adds, “Lisa is a very caring person and she was with Ant for a long time. She hated seeing him in a bad place. Him moving on was never going to be easy for her.”

Fighting back

Lisas public dismay over his relationship news may have come as a shock to Ant. Some reports claim shes told friends, “The gloves are off.”

But our source tells us, “Lisas a really good person, she isnt about to become difficult. This was her husband and now hes with her mate 
and thats painful for anyone, let alone someone who found out about it from the front of a national newspaper. She needs to get over that before anything else.

“This is a woman whos embarking on 
a new, single life and staring down the barrel of divorce, which is tough. For most people, thats a daunting prospect.”

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