Viewers delighted as Carol McGiffin returns to Loose Women and reveals her brand new facelift!

Loose Women viewers were extremely happy today as Carol McGiffin returned to the panel for the first time in five years, and revealed shes undergone surgery.

Joining Christine Lampard, Stacey Solomon and Nadia Sawalha on the ITV show, Carol was more than happy to discuss her recent facelift.

“I only had it three weeks ago. So if youre looking at me thinking I look a bit strange, or a bit younger than I did last week, I probably do,” she said of her face. “You need to do some things to make yourself feel normal.”

The 58-year-old went on to discuss her battle with cancer and also explained why she had decided to return to Loose Women after so many years.

“I did Celebrity Big Brother, didnt win thank god, did alright. Then I got sick, I had breast cancer, I lost my hair and I lost a boob, then I was really ill for about two years getting over it,” she told the other ladies.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who works for the NHS. We love you. #NHS70 #HappyBirthdayNHS @McGiff @StaceySolomon @clbleakley @nadiasawalha , pic.twitter.com/GEDOG2TAqJ

— Loose Women (@loosewomen) July 5, 2018

“I sold my flat in London and I bought a house in France, I spend a lot of time in France and then I had a facelift and then I came back to Loose Women!

“Like I said, I was feeling ill. I wasnt actually feeling like there was a lot of point in doing a lot of stuff. When you have cancer, and a lot of people have, and you recover, you have to wait five years before they give you the all clear but even then, theres no guarantees,” she added.

“In my head for about two years I kept thinking, Its going to come back tomorrow so whats the point? I might as well not work so then I can just have a good time. I just couldnt plan doing anything. I was convinced, it was at the front of my mind, that it was going to come back and that was going to be that.”

Luckily, the cancer hasnt returned and Carol is now looking forward to getting stuck back into work again.

'I had a facelift three weeks ago incase anyone was thinking I look different or younger than I did!' – @McGiff pic.twitter.com/3xwIUeZJjl

— Loose Women (@loosewomen) July 5, 2018

“Im really pleased to be here. I seriously cant believe it. It feels really odd. It took a lot of getting here actually,” she said, before adding: “Im really nervous which is odd because I did over a 1000 shows.”

Loose Women fans were certainly chuffed to see Carol back on the panel, and took to Twitter to praise her.

“Love love love Carol McGiffin being back on @loosewomen feels like she never been away!” one person wrote, while another added: “Wonderful to see Carol Mcgiffin back at loose women. Lots of love and best wishes. Fantastic to have you back. #Loosewomen #NHS #CarolMcgiffin.”

A third person posted: “Brilliant to see Carol McGiffin back on LW. Not been the same without her. Wishing her all the best in life.”

Carol revealed to the panel and those at home that shes still “madly in love” with her fiancé Mark Cassidy.

“Hes been absolutely unbelievable. He is amazing. Hes still with me. Im a nightmare anyway. I dont how he puts up with me, seriously,” she laughed.

“Im a nightmare. Hes a saint, he really is. Hes not perfect, everyone keeps telling me hes perfect. I dont want perfect. Were still madly in love. Its great. 10 years next month.”

Great news Carol, were happy to have you back!

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