Theres a cafe coming to Birmingham offering unlimited free food and drink

There's a cafe coming to Birmingham offering unlimited free food and drink
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Unless youre part of a members club, there are very few places in which you can rest your weary feet after a day in town.

But if you live, work or play in Birmingham, thats about to change.

Because a new pay-per-minute cafe is set to open up in the city and its offering unlimited food and drink and Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

According to head of operations, Gareth Harold, Ziferblat is looking for suitable venues in Digbeth.

He tells Birmingham Live: We need a lot of space – 6000 square feet. Weve looked at places in Digbeth which could be a good location but if anyone knows anywhere that could fit our needs wed love them to get in touch!

Ziferblats concept is simple: everything inside the cafe is free, apart from the time you spend in it.

It costs 8p-per-minute (or £4.80 an hour) and theres no minimum charge.

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So if youve ever sat nursing a latte in a cafe for hours on end while you try to bash out your work, this could well be the place for you.

Sure, its more internet cafe than Cafe Nero, but thats probably all to the good; keep cafes for the coffee drinkers, and co-working spaces for the laptop lackies.

More importantly, whats on the menu?

The free buffet will include a load of cakes, biscuits, fruit, toast, cereals, brownies, juices and hot drinks.

Therell be a kitchen where you can make your own food, as well as board games, books and breakout areas for meetings, workshops, relaxing and networking.

Ziferblat first came to the UK from Russia back in 2014, opening a cafe in London, and there are now three other branches – two in Manchester and one in Liverpool.

One of the Manchester cafes claims to have over 10,000 customers each month, with some people paying as little as 26p to use the loo and grab a bite to eat.

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