Bad news, fromage fans – Brexit is coming for your cheese

Bad news fromage fans – Brexit is coming for your cheese
Dont go. We can change. (Picture: Getty Images/Alloy)

Regardless of your views on the European Union, we can surely all agree that the Europeans know their way around cheese.

Popping to the supermarket and seeing the huge array of cheeses on offer is undoubtedly on of the highlights of any foodies European getaway – stocking up the fridge is a summertime rite of passage.

Well, cheese-loving Brexiteers, weve got some pretty bad news for you – ditching the EU might mean ditching the dairy, too.

Research conducted by the London School of Economics on behalf of the food brand Arla (who also produce Lurpak and Anchor) suggests that Britains exit from the EU could have catastrophic effects on cheeseboards in the UK, with prices on dairy products looking set to soar.

Butter and yoghurt are also likely to be affected, due to Britains dairy-heavy diet and resultant dependency on European imports.

Hispanic woman spreading cheese on bread
No more of this, sorry everyone. (Picture: Getty Images/Blend Images)

Our dependence on imported dairy products means that disruption to the supply chain will have a big impact, says Ash Amirahmadi, the UK managing director of Arla Foods.

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Most likely we would see shortages of products and a sharp rise in prices, turning everyday staples like butter, yoghurt, cheese and infant formula into occasional luxuries. Specialty cheeses, where there are currently limited options for production, may become very scarce.

Its all because of that pesky World Trade Organisation, who – if the UK defaults to their rulings after exiting the European Union – would place heavy tariffs of up to 68% on cheese products travelling from overseas to the UK.

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So, unless youre willing to dig deep, looks like it could spell goodbye to your Gouda, bye bye to your brie, and sad to see you go to your manchego.

That last one might need work, We admit its a bit… cheesy.

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