Pregnant Christine Lampard admits shed inflict pain on Frank if he cheated on her

Christine Lampard, Loose Women 18 July 2018

Christine Lampard has opened up about how shed react if she found out husband Frank had been unfaithful – and it would be pretty nasty.

The pregnant star revealed during a discussion on Wednesdays Loose Women that she wouldnt be afraid to inflict pain on her other half should he cheat on her.

Christine, 39, was quizzed about what shed do as the ladies chatted about Olympian Lizzie Purbrick admitting to smearing explicit insults in pigs blood across her former partners bedroom after he had an affair.

The mum-to-be said that its better to take the high road but admitted: “Its easier said than done though isnt it? In that moment of complete anger if it is a total shock to you that your other half has been with someone else..”

She went on to confess that she wouldnt react well if it happened to her.

“I wouldnt be good at all. I wouldnt go that far and I wouldnt ever want to get caught,” Christine explained.

“But I think I could inflict pain, yeah.”

When panellist Jane Moore asked which part of Frank, 40, she would take her revenge on, Christine jokingly said: “There are several parts, put it that way.”

However, she added: “I wouldnt ever want to do anything because you do lower yourself and you can never really pull it back, and it proves to them why they dont want to be with you.

But at the same time I do get that when people are just really hurt and angry and they have a moment of complete and utter madness.”

Meanwhile fellow panel member Coleen Nolan admitted to having revenge sex when a mystery partner cheated on her.

“I did it because the girl in question kept saying, hed never do that to me though and I felt like she was insulting me, looking at me going no wonder he did it to you but he wouldnt do it to me,” the 53-year-old said.

“So I just slept with him then went round and said he would do it to you because he just has.”

Despite the audience clapping, Coleen called her actions nasty and confessed that it made her feel really awful.

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