Cheat Day Land museum is here to screw up your relationship with food even more

'Cheat Day Land' museum is here to screw up your relationship with food even more
(Picture: Cheat Day Land)

Cheat days can be useful for those of us who have a pretty solid, healthy relationship with food.

Theyre the days when you give yourself a little slack from your regime; you might up your calorie load, indulge in a meal out, slob on the sofa eating ice cream from the pot. Theyre part of the old 80:20 formula – eat right and work out 80% of the time, relax and treat yourself the other 20%.

But you know, theyre not something to be fetishised (that way lies disordered eating).

And yet…someones just opened a museum called Cheat Day Land in LA (where else?!), which promises to allow fitness fanatics to pretend at being into junk food.

Its the brainchild of Rubi Rymenmy, who says that the idea came to her while experiencing interactive museums in Japan.

The event site explains that: Cheat Day Land is a space where healthy lifestyle advocates can take a break from their dietary restrictions and indulge in whatever strikes their fancy for the day. Everyones entitled to a cheat day after all.

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Cheat Day Land is the worlds first interactive pop-up museum dedicated to your favourite cheat foods. Imagine a donut gym complete with pastry dumbbells, or a life-size bowl of cereal where you suspend from the spoon to get that perfect Insta shot. This is a playful, fun, whimsical world where your inner child can come out to play.

”Im very excited that I could bring something fun and beautiful to the Los Angeles community,” Rubi says.

“Something that people can really enjoy with their loved ones; the same way Im going to enjoy it with the people I love.”

There three areas, each divided into subsections like chocoholic, taco bout it and elimination. The site doesnt really go into what they entail but each has a little blurb to get you in the mood…

'Cheat Day Land' museum is here to screw up your relationship with food even more
(Picture: Cheat Day Land)

So far, so standard. Theres plenty of chat around guilt and food and the usual treat yoself rhetoric. Maybe it would be fun to play around with a giant bowl of cereal but it does seem kind of warped to make such a song and dance about non-harmful, normal foods. Afterall, a pastry wont kill you or derail your fitness goals that much – theres probably no need to make a fantasy pastry gym to help you work through the idea of not being able to eat one every morning.

But Cheat Day Land insists that its not just about indulgence.

The event will offer up sensible ideas and suggestions on balancing a healthy lifestyle with snacking and guilt-free cheating. Dont worry though; you can still eat the donuts.

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The museum will be open from October 1-31 only, with tickets costing £29 (its free for kids under 4-years-old which seems problematic in itself).

'Cheat Day Land' museum is here to screw up your relationship with food even more
(Picture: Cheat Day Land)

It might be cheaper, more enjoyable and less…warped to simply buy the food that you want to eat rather than paying to play or be snapped with it.

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