Doggy hot meal kits are going to be a thing

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If youre a dog owner, you might have wondered whether your precious pup ever gets bored of the biscuits in their bowl.

Seeing as most dogs scarf their dry food down without a moments hesitation, the answer is probably not.

However, if youre a particularly extra dog person and you want to give your canine companion the gourmet dinner you think theyve always dreamed of, YaDoggies Fresh Food Meal Kit might be the answer.

Billed as a fun, simple way to cook healthy, human-grade food for your doggie, the meal kits come in two flavours (salmon and turkey) and can be heated up in slow cookers or multicookers like the Instant Pot.

The YaDoggie meal kits promise to be so high-quality that you could eat your dogs food (if you were so inclined) and claim to improve weight management and digestion, increase appetite and energy levels, and give your dog a glossier coat.

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The hot meal kits are still at the Indiegogo crowdfunding stage, and theres a month to go before YaDoggie needs to reach its target of $30,000 (around £23,000).

What goes into each kit certainly looks fancy, with ingredients like brown rice, walnut oil, sesame oil and kale.

Is YaDoggie going to create a generation of hipster pups?

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Pet owners who subscribe will have the meal kits delivered to their doors, and can either feed their dogs exclusively on the new products or offer a mixture of dry food and meal kits.

If you pledge $45 (£34.60), you can claim two packs of the fresh dog food, a packet of dog jerky and some InstantPot accessories including a sealing sing, silicone lid and ceramic inner pot.

Pampered doggos need their kale, sweet potato and wild Atlantic salmon dinners!

You can find the crowdfunding page for YaDoggies fresh food kits here.

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