Burger & Lobster has just launched the Double Drown burger

(Picture: Burger & Lobster)

Theres only so much chicken a person can eat – which is why Burger & Lobster has introduced a new item to its menu, ready to rival the all-chicken, no-bun chicken burger from KFC.

Please welcome the Double Drown, available at luxury department store, Harvey Nichols.

Made from two steamed lobster tails, sourced off the coast of Canada in Novia Scotia, with thick cut, smokey pork nestled in-between.

Topped with cheese, of course.

The Double Drown is competing with the Colonels popular chicken burger (Picture: KFC)

Your meal might be tasty, but its pretty pricey.

To get your claws on the deluxe seafood dish, youll have to shell out £47.90.

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Like any burger joint, you can also upgrade your meal but were not talking about an extra large fries or a side of popcorn chicken.

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For an extra tenner, you can sip on a glass of champagne as you tackle your tail, and enjoy it with thinly sliced potatoes.

Limited edition, first come, first serve.

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