Hubba Bubba flavoured gin is making us feel all sorts of nostalgia

Picture:, Getty Bubba Hubba gin
(Picture: Ginspiration)

Hubba Bubba gin liqueur exists and were feeling all sorts of nostalgia.

The new gin is created by Sweet Little Liqueurs, a new Liqueur company creating unique flavours inspired by treats we all loved at kids.

This gin apparently tastes just like the bubblegum we all used to buy in tuck shops – and is said to mix perfectly with lemonade, tonic water or prosecco – or of course you could enjoy it neat.

Sadly the gin is already sold out, not just online but also in Bartons Wine and Spirits, where it was also being sold.

Its currently not being sold anywhere else, either *sob*.

Picture:, Getty Bubba Hubba gin
(Picture: Ginspiration)

Other flavours that have sold out include Cherry Baked Well gin, Custard Cream gin, Jammy Dodger gin and Fruit Salad gin.

Which are also all said to taste just like the treats theyre inspired by.

They sound amazing, dont they?

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If you are looking for a sweet inspired gin that you can actually get your hands on, theres always the Parma Violet gin, which is now being sold in Wetherspoons.

You can also find a a 50cl bottle of Zymurgorium Manchester Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur on Drink Supermarket for £25.89 a bottle.

Picture:, Getty Bubba Hubba gin
(Picture: Ginspiration)

The product description reads: Sweet violet heaven made for the gods? Well not exactly, but a wonderful liqueur nonetheless.

Great replacement for violet based liqueurs as the role of 20 botanicals really do provide a unique taste. Enjoy any how you like.

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While the Parma Violet gin is admittedly amazing – if you havent tried it, youre missing out – we are rather gutted the other nostalgia-filled flavours arent available right now.

Were dying to try the Hubba Bubba gin.

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