Parents can now leave lunch notes for their visually impaired kids on Rice Krispie treats

(Picture: Kelloggs)

Putting little notes in kids packed lunches is a small but important way of communicating with children.

Yes, its embarrassing but at least it teaches kids how show affection.

But for those children who are visually impaired, its harder to give them messages during the school day.

Which is why Kelloggs is introducing an upgraded version of its Rice Krispies bars, to make it easier for parents to send their kids to school with a few words of love.

The existing bars already have a spot for parents to write a message to their kids, but the company has just launched a Love Notes version of Rice Krispie Treats, which features Braille stickers that can be attached to the Rice Krispies Treats package, and an audio-enabled box that parents can use to record a different message for their kids every day.

Parents can leave lunch notes for their visually impaired kids on these accessible Rice Krispies treats Rice Krispies Published on 7 Aug 2018 SUBSCRIBE 18K Love is the most important school supply for every child, including Eme, a musically gifted 11-year-old who happens to be blind. That???s why Kellogg???s Rice Krispies Treats partnered with the National Federation of the Blind to create Braille stickers for children who are blind or low-vision like her. This video shows why there???s #SoMuchToLove???? about Eme, telling her story in her school and her home. Find out how love is now more accessible at
(Picture: Becky Parkinson/Kelloggs)

All parents have to do is visit the Rice Krispies website to order the stickers or audio devices for free.

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Kellogg as a whole has a larger connection to this cause with W.K. Kellogg having lost his sight for the last decade of his life and continued to work at the company full-time for a number of years afterwards, says vice president of sales at Kellogg, Jessica Waller.

Inclusion is in our DNA, and is now shared through Rice Krispies Treats Love Notes. Everyone is important, and we want each child to be able to feel loved, supported, and acknowledged.

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