Christine Lampard forced to apologise after guest says shock swear word live on air

Christine Lampard was left pretty flustered during an interview on todays Lorraine when a guest dropped an explicit swear word.

The 39-year-old presenter quickly had to apologise after Madonnas former backing dancer and friend Carlton Wilborn dropped an F-bomb whilst discussing the pop icon, who is celebrating her 60th birthday.

Carlton, 54, was talking about his time on tour with the singer and explained: “I was watching her get her make-up done and she took a moment to check her face in the mirror midway through.

“That flip of a transformation she was able to do on a dime from the person who was just sitting in the chair having her face done to that icon that knows every detail.

“The way that in three or four seconds she studied her face, I was like: Oh my God, thats the Madonna person!

“She became that and then checked back in and sat on her chair and they kept doing it. And it was like: Holy f***!, it was amazing.”

Pregnant Christine was left visibly shocked by Carltons choice of words and gasped “Oh!” before the dancer quickly added: “Sorry for the morning language, sorry, sorry!

Christine then apologised to viewers for the explicit moment.

“Unfortunately, I am going to have to apologise for you Carlton, I know were very excited about the birthday today. Maybe not quite that excited,” the presenter joked.

“Were terribly sorry if weve affected anyones breakfast.”

Carlton also said sorry again and admitted: “I know I know… Listen, I ran in her camp, this is what happens sometimes. You know who she is, this happens. Im sorry.”

Viewers were quick to notice the awkward moment and many seemed to find it quite entertaining.

“Whoopsie f-bomb on #lorraine I did giggle, poor Christine!!” one tweeted, whilst another wrote: “Who even was he??? That was funny tho …. Christinas face was a completely picture #lorraine”

And one quipped: “Just choked on my breakfast, never thought Id hear the word F*** on #Lorraine”

Fortunately it seems that Christine was able to laugh at the blooper later on.

The expectant star replied to a fans tweet about the incident by writing: “It was quite the morning!!”

It certainly was!

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