When and where was the KSI vs Logan Paul weigh in and how to watch it?

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The time for YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI to get in the ring has nearly arrived.

Tonight theyll don their gloves and fight it out, in whats being called the biggest internet event in history.

Theyve already weighed in, so you can watch what went on there.

Heres the information, plus everything else you need to know.

When and where is the KSI vs Logan Paul weigh-in?

The weigh-in is took place at a closed private venue in Manchester yesterday at 5pm.

It was not open to the public, so only press and sponsors were present.

How to watch the weigh-in

Fans will be able to watch a live stream of the weigh-in on the official KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube channel.

KSI won his first boxing fight against Joe Weller earlier this year (Photo by Ki Price/Corbis via Getty Images)

When is KSI vs Logan Paul?

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The fight will take place on Saturday 25 August at Manchester Arena which has a capacity for boxing of up to 21,000.

Live coverage of the event will start at 5pm BST and the first fight will begin at 5.30pm.

The main event is likely to be on at around 8.30pm BST and should finish at around 9.30pm.

How much will the event cost to watch on YouTube?

It has been confirmed that KSI and Logan Pauls fight will be streamed pay-per-view on YouTube, with fans set to pay £7.50 for the privilege of watching the bout.

You can also still get tickets for the event here if you want to watch it in real life.

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